Federalist Era

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Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe

Google Slides Project: Federalist Era :

With a partner create a Google Slides presentation that includes the following.

All words that are NOT yours need to have a reference to the location they came from.

This will take the place of a test so it is worth 50 assessment points:

1. Introductory slide: Title, names and relevant picture.

2. Articles of Confederation. 2-3 slides.

3. Basics on the US Constitution. 2-3 slides

4. George Washington (1 slide about him then one for each of the following).

a. Elections of 1788 & 1792

b. Bill of Rights

c. Judiciary Act of 1789

d. Executive Branch-Cabinet

e. Economics-Alexander Hamilton (1 slide about Hamilton then 1 for i-iii)

i. Paying off Debt

ii. National Bank

iii. Taxes

f. Hamilton vs. Jefferson: Political Parties

g. Foreign Affairs

5. John Adams (1 slide about him)

a. Election of 1796

b. Domestic affairs

i. Alien and Sedition Acts

ii. Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions

c. Foreign Affairs

6. Thomas Jefferson (1 slide)

a. Election of 1800 & 1804

b. Domestic Affairs

i. Financial Changes

ii. Judicial Changes

iii. Louisiana Purchase -Lewis & Clark

iv. Westward Expansion

7. James Madison

a. Election of 1808 & 1812

b. Native American Issues

c. War of 1812

8. James Monroe

a. Election of 1816 & 1820

b. Domestic Affairs

i. Era of Good Feeling

ii. Industrial Revolution

iii. Henry Clay

iv. Missouri Compromise

c. Monroe Doctrine

HINTS: Each number above should have 1-3 slides associated with it.

Each letter is a slide and each of the i's should be a part of the letter above it.