Macro Review Materials

Top ten recommendations for studying from Econ Alumni:

1. Figure out what you DON'T know! (Take an old test and see what you missed)

2. Look at the concepts or the review guide he hands out (that is below)

3. Use Reffonomics to look through key ideas and content (links are below)

4. Look back at FRQ's in class and online.

5. Review some of the presentations (Powerpoint, Google Presentations) online.

6. Attend the review sessions after school and on weekends.

7. Look back through APE's and Mod's for content review

8. Review the "white sheets" they have the key graphs.

9. Create a study group and meet a few times and ask each other and teach each other.

10. Ask Duffer...he is a grader you know.

Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test Analysis (D214 log-in required)

Macro Practice FRQ's


AP Macroeconomics Review Guide (extremely helpful)

Macroeconomics Graph Review Guide (drawing & notes)

Macroeconomics Preparation and Review Guide (pdf)

AP Macroeconomics Review Printable

Helpful iPad/iPhone Apps:

No direct cost to the user

No direct cost to the user