Class Notes 9-12-11

Post date: Sep 12, 2011 7:04:41 PM

Today we completed APE 9 & 10, read a 9/11 blog post, discussed the economic and social implications of 9/11, and organized our week on Google Calendar. As a reminder, students are given points for "preparation and organization" for class. The expectation is that all students remain organized using either their own system (assignment notebook, calendar, etc) or the Google Calendar they began to start the year.

Mod 7 is DUE Wednesday 9/14.

I also tried a free AP Economics app that has many worthwhile features including practice quizzes with real AP questions. Please add it to your iPads this week. The name of the app is "Economics AP Free" It is actually made for the iPhone by just tap "2X" on the bottom right and it will work.