Class 11/30

Post date: Nov 30, 2011 3:12:34 PM

Today in class you will receive points for completing the following in order:

All of these tasks are linked so just click on the text.

1. Take the Module 65 Practice Quiz

2. Reffonomics>Microeconomics>Game Theory II (this is Flash so you will need to use Citrix or share with a classmate)

-This will be somewhat problematic for some of you. Be patient and share with a classmate if yours does not work.

-Watch the presentation and take notes if needed because the practice FRQ will make more sense if you actually pay attention to the presentation

-The FRQ on Friday is very similar to the Reffonomics lesson.

3. 2009 FRQ-ONLINE

-Be sure to choose four answers for D

-If you do poorly (less than 70%) on this you will HAVE to complete APE 41)

4. Read and learn the Module 66 PowerPoint online.

-This is a "tracked" link so it will show me your username--complete it within 5-7 minutes

-Take notes if necessary

5. Take the Module 66 Practice Quiz

6. Complete APE 40 ONLINE (Monopolistic Competition)

7. If time, begin work on APE 41-(on paper--copies on desk in room)


Test corrections for the Monopoly assessment are due tonight by 11:59

Game Theory Quiz on Friday.

45 Question Unit test on Monday on Mods 58-68 (Perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly)