Deadliest Catch-PROFIT!

Post date: Nov 21, 2011 1:19:49 PM

1. Get a partner. Name your team. This will require patience!

2. Follow this link on the CITRIX RECEIVER app or iSwifter.

3. Choose "let's fish" (choose "low" quality graphics)

4. Read the instructions and COMPETE! You have a budget of $225,000--use it wisely!

A. Choose capital: a boat (9 choices $135k-$175k), amenities ($5k-$35k), pantry ($5k-$30k), tool kit ($5k-$20k), and first aid kit ($5k-$20k) (tap the image in each category to look at the choices)

B. Choose labor: The labor gets paid a "cut". The more experienced and more productive members get paid more.

C. Get started. Read notes and fish. Deal with issues and try to make a LARGE profit.

D. When you finish take a SCREEN SHOT of your profit to be able to compete.

5. The winning team (the one that makes the most PROFIT) will be rewarded.