Push-Up Machine

Duffka Incorporated has invented a new machine that generates energy from human push-ups. You have just been hired as the manager in charge of hiring workers. Your goal is to make sure this firm hires the right amount of workers to maximize profit. Assume that you are hiring workers in a perfectly competitive LABOR MARKET and that the price of electricity is constant.

The WAGE (MRC) is $10 Per Worker.

Each push-up is worth $1 in the product market.

The marginal product of labor X product price= MRPL (VMP).

To decide how many workers to hire MRPL (VMPL)=MRC (Wage).

Each production period is 30 seconds.

Fixed resource (land) + variable resources labor.

Fill in the TOTAL PRODUCT and MARGINAL PRODUCT columns ONLY on the table below on paper (scratch paper or Notes on iPad):

Push Up Simulation-Duffer.docx