PC QUIZ Recovery

Post date: Nov 7, 2011 1:29:00 PM

The average for Friday's was good but the range of scores was bothersome to me. If you are truly interested in learning and/or achieving a better score read the following carefully.

I have attached and linked some practice questions. The relevant numbers are 1-17. If you take the quiz and support your answers on the form you can improve your grade and your understanding tremendously.

Here's the deal:

If you use somebody else's answers you will get a "0" on both quizzes. This is being offered for students that would like a chance to improve their quiz score and/or understand the perfect competition material better for the future. The percentage score you receive on this quiz will be "averaged" with your original score for a NEW grade. If you complete it with GREAT original support of your choices your score will increase by more than the average. Submit by Sunday night (11/6 at 11:59PM) and receive and extra 5%. The recovery quiz questions (1-17) are available HERE (CLICK). I recommend printing it out and circling your answers with reasons BEFORE you submit the form.

The form is available HERE (CLICK) and on the test correction page on Duffka.com.

I encourage all of you to do it.

Email me with questions. If you work with others that is ok but have your own answers and reasons for the answers.