Class 10/17 and Assignments for the Week

Post date: Oct 18, 2011 12:43:43 AM

After taking the weekend off we have to remain on schedule. I was very impressed with your attitudes, behavior, and productivity during homecoming week.

Today in class we looked at the main ideas of Mod 54. Fixed vs. Variable inputs and the Marginal Productivity of Labor. We also completed the "productivity activity." If you follow the link you can see 7th hour in action producing books by purchasing labor, land, capital and raw materials.

Here is a list of assignments for the week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday 10/18) APE 55 is due.

Tuesday NIGHT by 11:59 PM test corrections are due.

Wednesday 10/19 APE 56 is due

Thursday 10/20 APE 57 is due.

The test is scheduled for FRIDAY 10/21. It is the last graded assignment of the first quarter.

Econ club is still available for all students at 7:00 AM every morning. A great chance to complete or answer questions regarding the coursework.