Multimedia-Videos, Games, and Clips.

 Title & Link Economics RelevancyRelevant Krugman Section
Economic Breakdown SongWhat is economics Section 1
I Love Econ What is economics Section 1
Economics Principles Rap Basic economics  Section 1
Seinfeld "Free" Suit
Opportunity cost, no free lunch
Section 1
Currency, monetary policy
High Demand, Low Supply
Supply and Demand
Section 2
"Number$" Game Theory Application of game theory Section 12 Mod 56
 K. Fung Prisoner's Dilemma    Game Theory Mod 65 
"Golden Balls"  British Game Theory Mods 64-66 
Joker's Social Experiment-Dark Knight Game Theory Mods 64-66 
ECB Lesson 1 Price stability and inflation Section 6 Mods 31-34
The Other Side of Outsourcing Specialization, trade, and comparative advantage Section 1 Mod 4
$100 Laptops in Nigeria Productivity, technological advancement, education 
Section 1 Mod 3 
A Week in the Life of American Airlines
Price discrimination, economies of scale, oligopoly
Section 11 Mod 61-63
Ten Principles of Economics Video ClipsMarginal analysis, trade-offs, incentivesSection 1 
Ben Stein Ferris Bueller Macroeconomics, Laffer curve, supply-side economics Section 7 
Fear the Boom and Bust Macroeconomics, monetary & fiscal policy Section 6 
Bernanke 60 Minutes (12/5/10) Monetary policy, inflation, economic growth Section 6 
FDIC Bank Takeover (5/31/09) Banking, loanable funds, regulation Section 5 
The 99ers-60 Minutes Unemployment, recovery Section 3 & 4 
Animated Unemployment Map 2007-2010 Unemployment, business cycle Section 3 & 4 
Governing Dynamics (A Beautiful Mind) Invisible hand, game theory, Nash equilibrium Section 12 Mod 65 
Netherlands Flower AuctionSupply and demand  Section 2
 Measuring Economy in CoffeeSupply & demand, substitiute goods, inferior goods Section 2 
 Hudusucker Proxy Hula HoopSupply & demand, elasticity, total revenue  Section 2
Duck Tales Inflation Inflation, money Section 6 
 Principles of Economics TranslatedBasic economic concepts  Section 1
Cocaine Currency in Columbia Supply, demand, profits, geographical advantage Section 2 & 8 
 Every Breath Bernanke Takes
Federal Reserve, monetary policy
 Section 6
Building a 787
Specialization, international trade, comparative advantage
 Section1 & 5
Econ Crisis #1 Macroeconomics-Circular Flow Applied  
IOUSA the Movie Macro-National Debt and Deficits  
House of Cards-CNBC Macro-Recession, asset bubble and policy  
"Overdose:  The Next Financial Crisis" Macro-Business cycle  
Economics U$A Video Instructional Series:
Micro and Macro 
Title & LinkEconomics RelevancyRelevant Krugman Section
Trade Ruler (flash)  International trade, specialization, marginal analysis  Section 1 & 8 
Fed Chairman Game (flash) Monetary Policy Section 6 Mod 31 
 Deadliest Catch Game (flash)Marginal analysis, choices, opportunity cost Section 1 & 11 
Energyville (java) Choices, maximization, costs Section 1,2 & 10 
Virtonomics Costs, profits, choices  Section 10
Taxi Mogul Costs, profits, management decisions Section 10 
 Beat the MarketInvestments  
Economics Literacy Test Basic Concepts Section 1 
 Pursuit! On the Trail of Economic Growth (flash)Economic growth Section 7 
 Show Business the Economics of Entertainment(flash)Trade  Section 8